Legal Notice & Terms and Conditions


Name of Company

Mad About Electrics Limited trading as "Mad About Electrics"


Main Office

Unit 2, Pyramid Court

Rosetta Way

York, YO26 5NB


Company No 071 669 88


Registered Office

C/O Hunter Gee Holroyd, Club Chambers,

Museum Street, York, YO1 7DN


Contact details

Office Tel:     01904 787 983

VAT No.          986 255 866

Regulatory authority
NIC EIC (Approved & Domestic Contractor) 

NIC EIC Enrolment: 501089000



Standard Terms & Conditions


-Estimates are valid for 30 days from date of issue.


-Before any works are carried out, we would recommend a visit to site to confirm the specification with the client.


-Unless stated otherwise, the costs provided in this estimate, assume standard working hours between the hours of 07:30 hrs - 16:00 hrs Monday to Friday inclusive. Work required outside these hours may attract out of hours rates.


- The costs provided in the estimate assume continuous and unhindered access to the site by prior arrangement with you. Any parking charges will be the client’s responsibility and would be additional to this estimate unless paid for the client up front.


-All accessories (switches, sockets etc.) included in this estimate are white plastic unless otherwise stated. Alternative finishes can be estimated for separately. Alternative light fittings can also be estimated for separately.


-If applicable, the above estimate assumes that the correct main earth water and gas bonding is already installed and the correct RCD (if required) protection is installed. If this is not the case, we will provide an estimate for the additional works. 


-If applicable, it may be that you need an additional TV booster to make your TV system work correctly. If so we will advise you of the costs before carrying out the work.


-If applicable, any sub main supply/outdoor cabling will need digging in and laying in the ground as per wiring regulations. The cable route will then need making good once the cable has been installed. This work has not been allowed for and will not be carried out by Mad About Electrics.


-All patching and making good (if required) to be carried out by others. Mad About Electrics have made no allowance for carrying out this work.


-Any rubbish/waste relating to the works is the responsibility of the customer. If we are asked to dispose of the rubbish/waste, there will usually be an additional cost to dispose of the rubbish/waste. The cost of this works out at £10 plus VAT per Gorilla bucket taken from site and disposed of. If there is anything you would like Mad About Electrics to dispose of, please advise one of our staff before we start our work.


-Due to the nature of our works, there will usually be dust and debris relating to our works that is usually unavoidable. Mad About Electrics will attempt to cover the areas affected by our work with dustsheets. We will also attempt to hoover/sweep up the majority of the dust and debris once our works have been completed. If there are any items that you are concerned about being affected by the works, they must be removed from site before we attend to carry out the works. If you have any concerns, please make our staff aware of them before any works have been carried out. Mad About Electrics will not be liable for any damage caused to customer’s equipment/belongings caused by dust and debris from the associated works.


-If this build qualifies for reduced (0% or 15%) VAT then the final invoice would reflect this following receipt of appropriate paperwork.


-All instructions for any installed items supplied by Mad About Electrics will be retained by our Electricians. We will hand this information to the client on completion of the works. 


-Any information for any installed items supplied by the client or other trades will be passed back to the relevant people.


-In the event of any additional electrical works been required and/or requested we will provide a separate or modified estimate for the additional works. These works will not be carried out until we have a written or verbal instruction or agreement from the customer accepting the additional costs unless we receive instruction from the client to carry out the work on a time and materials basis. The estimate does not include any allowance for investigating or repairing any existing electrical faults. In the case there are existing electrical faults, we will make the client aware and discuss how the client would like to proceed.



-Any design information carried out or performed by Mad About Electrics remains copyright and is offered on the basis that the works will be carried out by Mad About Electrics.


Commencement of Work

-Upon commencement of work on site, the client is agreeing to the terms and conditions laid out by Mad About Electrics in our term and conditions. 


Testing, Certification and Part P Notification

-All test certificates are the property of Mad About Electrics until payment has been made in full. They will be held by Mad About Electrics until payment has been made and received in full.

-If required, Part P notification will be made to the NIC EIC via their on-line registration service when payment has been received in full.



-Mad About Electrics warrants its installation work to be defect free for a period of twelve months from date of installation. Such cover does not extend to goods not supplied by Mad About Electrics, physical damage to products, or any instance where the original installation has been altered or tampered.


-Lamps supplied and installed by Mad About Electrics are covered by the following warranty:

-LED lamps have a manufacturer warranty on parts but not labour, usually 2 years. 

-Halogen lamps due to the characteristics and unpredictable life span carry no warranty on parts or labour.

-All other lamps will be assessed on usage and installation specifics and agreed with customer should a warranty claim be required.


-Risk and Title of Goods and Property

a)       The risk in all goods supplied shall pass to the Client upon delivery.

b)       All goods supplied shall remain property of Mad About Electrics until all sums due have been paid in full.

c)       The client is responsible for ensuring that the property is insured for the duration of the installation work.



a)      Payment can be made in one of 3 ways. 1) You can pay by BACS, this is free and our preferred method of payment. 2) You can pay via the on-line invoice link on the invoice by credit or debit card. There is an additional 1.5% service charge by the payment provider for processing the transaction. 3) You can pay by cheque. Cheques should be made payable to Mad About Electrics. Unfortunately, we have no facility to take card payments over the phone.

b)      New first-time customers may be required to pay a 50% advance payment deposit (fully refundable upon cancellation) to secure contractual commitments between Mad About Electrics and the customer. 

c)      Unless agreed by both parties in writing, payment in full must be made on completion of the specified works to Mad About Electrics.

d)      Our payment terms that are stated on our invoice are 7 days from the date the invoice is created. Full payment must be made for all labour and materials supplied by Mad About Electrics within 7 days maximum from the invoice date. Please do not ask us to carry out the work if you do not intend to pay before our 7-day terms. By asking us to carry out any work you have agreed to the above terms.

e)      Stage payments will be requested by prior arrangement where planned works take longer than 30 days.  We reserve the right to request from you stage payments in the instance where works take longer than 30 days. 

f)      Failure by the customer to make payment within the terms set out above shall entitle Mad About Electrics to suspend works and/or charge interest on the amount outstanding at an annual rate of 5% above the prevailing bank of England’s base rate until the payment is made in full.

g)      Retention fees: In the event there is a retention fee on a contract and for unforeseeable circumstances, the main contractor changes or no longer manages the project, the client will be solely responsible for any outstanding payments. This includes any outstanding retention fees owed to Mad About Electrics at the end of the agreed defects period. 


-Dispute Resolution

-In the event of a dispute, mediation is to be the preferred method of resolution.


-The NICEICPlatinum Promise is a scheme all NIC EIC Approved Contractors and domestic installers are part of. It is a demonstration of our commitment to our customers to make sure that our installation work is safe and meets the required building regulations. The Platinum Promise will protect you should installation work undertaken by a NIC EIC registered contractor not meet the required building regulations or installation standards. More information is available on the NIC EICwebsite.

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